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Wesley Chapel Day Care: Brain Development from Birth to Three Years Old

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Early brain development for your child is vitally important. This development occurs naturally, however there are ways in which you can enhance the process. The first three years of your child’s life are equally as important at home or during the years your child attends preschool. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Wesley Chapel, Florida, discusses what you can expect from your child’s brain development in the first three years. We offer infant and child care advice in which you can depend.

Be a role model

One of the main aspects of providing your child brain development opportunities is to set a good example. Your child learns nearly everything from you and from other family members during the first few years of life. Your infant mimics almost everything, and it is of vital importance to set positive examples through words and actions in order to foster peak brain development.

Good Nutrition

Your infant will benefit from breastfeeding during the early years, after which you will have to ensure you continue to provide the right nutrition for the next phase of development. The right foods contain the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals, and will ensure that your child obtains optimal brain development. Always check with your pediatrician before you make any changes to your child’s nutrition program.


During this period, provide your infant with the right types of stimulation to promote brain development. This can include baby massaging, snuggling, tickles and giggles and other types of physical stimulation which help reinforce neural pathways. You can also read out loud to your baby, show your baby picture books, and also listen to music together. Auditory and visual stimulation assists in early brain development, and you’ll notice your child’s eyes focusing and lighting up when he or she hears your voice, and eventually begins to connect words with objects.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Wesley Chapel, Florida, we strive to make sure your child reaches optimal development. Contact us to find out more about our brain development curriculum and our infant care program.

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