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Peace of Mind
This is our twin’s first experience attending a school program. The Owner and Staff have made this the most pleasant transition. They provide a friendly and family atmosphere. You are always welcomed with a genuine smile and “good morning.” The teachers are fun and patient. They have prepared our boys to attend Kindergarten in the fall. The staff is well organized and the teachers provide an exciting curriculum for the children. The establishment is very clean and well maintained. The organized classrooms provide the children a great array of areas to explore. The ability to watch our children during their day gives us peace of mind. We can truly appreciate how much fun they have at Kids R Kids. We checked out a couple other centers and this was the most welcoming center. We could not be happier. Thank you to the staff at Kids R Kids for making this transition so comfortable.
S. Parks - FL
My son`s second family
I am perhaps one of the most neurotic and overprotective moms that exists. My son is my only child and I was so unsure when I had to switch daycares when we moved to Wesley Chapel. I can now sincerely say that I have NO REGRETS! Bimal and his staff have truly become like my son`s second family...he even has a second Mommy there who loves him bundles (his girlfriend lol). The staff is very patient and caring-I call the school everday since he started last July and they are always pleasant and kind. They have made my little boy happy and me, even happier :)
Rashmi Maharaj - FL
This is the best preschool we have been to!!!
My husband and I LOVE Kids R Kids ....we have been to two other schools in the Wesley Chapel area and we weren`t impressed until we found this school...What a blessing for us and for our daughter. Our daughter started when the school opened it`s doors, and Bimal, Maria , Brooke, Carol and the entire staff is simply fantastic! We love that the environment is clean,open and fresh. We love that we can look in on our daughter a few times a day. We love that Bimal has a complete open door policy and really cares about the children and their well being. We couldn`t be happier!!!! Thanks Bimal for opening up the best school in Wesley Chapel!!
Cheryl - FL
What a relief!!!
I am thrilled with Kids R Kids Boyette. I`m the mother of two and was fortunate enough that my oldest did not have to attend daycare until she was over a year old. However, I had to return to work sooner with my second one and I was sick to my stomach worrying about putting my infant in daycare. I had toured several facilities and wasn`t completely satisfied... but as soon as I saw the infant room at Kids R Kids Boyette and met the friendly staff, I knew this was the place for my daughter. The added bonus is the virtual video that I can stream live online all day. Kids R Kids Boyette lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, thank you!!!
Jennifer S. - FL
My Daughter is HAPPY!!
Kids R Kids Boyette has been a godsend for our family. We have nothing but praise for the staff and facility itself. Our daughter has attended Kids R Kids Boyette since the day it opened and we love it. It is a huge comfort knowing that when we go to work she is being cared for and nurtured, not just “watched”, by such a loving and terrific staff. It is a great feeling when our daughter tells us she had a good day, before we even make it to the car in the afternoon. She even wants to know if she can go to school on the weekends to play with her friends and because she misses Mrs. Danielle. Our daughter had no social interaction before coming here at age 2, now she loves playing with other children and participating in all the classroom activities. The teachers treat the children as if they were their own. The entire staff is knowledgeable and works diligently to know the children and parents on an individual basis. The internet monitoring is also a great added bonus so we can watch her and feel like we were able to witness a part of her school day. It also allows out of town relatives the opportunity to see their granddaughter everyday, which is huge for our family!!! The facility itself is beautiful and has all of the latest technology along with every educational toy and gadget you can imagine. The water park was a hit with our daughter who wanted to wear her swimsuit everyday for 3 months! Mr. Bhojani is always there to greet you with a smile anytime of the day. The front desk staff knows everyone by name, parents and children, and they do an awesome job!! We can’t thank Kids R Kids Boyette enough for everything they have given our daughter and family. Thanks to them we have a happy, healthy and SAFE place for my 4 year old to learn and grow.
Tracie V. - FL
I want to go to Kids R kids!
My son attended Kid R Kids, for the first time when he was 4yrs old. At that time the uniqueness of the school was the online virtual video in each classroom. Today, my son is 9yrs old, a returning student, using the before and after school program, in which I feel so confortable with the owner and staff that I have yet to use the virtual video. The best school for my son, handsdown. William S
William S - FL
Would absolutely hate to have to ever take the grandbaby out of KRKs. The facility and the staff are impecable. I have been in the daycare field for many years and you can tell how great the place is when you are told "I HAVE HAD A GREAT DAY" before you even ask. On a scale of 1-10 KRK rates 100!!! GREAT JOB and a BIG THANK YOU for taking care of the love of my life.
S.Luker - FL
Great Place
Our family is very happy with Kids R Kids on Boyette Road. This is our first daycare experience, so we were nervous going in. Mr. Bhojani and all the staff members are friendly, welcoming, and genuinely care about the kids. Mr. B knows them all by name and is always there to say Good Morning or Good Bye with a smile!
Ward - FL
No Worries!
My daughter started going to Kids R Kids @ 15mo of age. She is now 2 1/2yrs. She loves attending school. She absolutely adores her teachers, even talks about them on the weekend. I can`t tell you as a new parent when I started sending her to school, what a relief to find a place that I can feel completely worry free while she is in their care. Thank You, Kids R Kids!
Carrie Santos - FL
Outstanding school!
I could not be more satisfied. My kids started to go to Kids R kids about 6 months ago, and they love it. The school is always clean, the staff is always happy, and you can tell that they love what they do. They are just like family to my kids. They offer a lot of activities, water park in the summer, the menu is great, and the best part are the web cameras. I can see what my child is doing during the day. I`m so gald I found this place. I would not want my kids somewhere else.
Flavia Gillis - FL
Kids R Kids as surpassed our expectations!
We moved to Wesley Chapel last year and I was upset to leave my daughter`s daycare. However, we were lucky to find Kids R Kids in Wesley Chapel and are extremely happy with her care and development. As first time parents we are filled with questions and concerns about our daughter. They commuicate on a daily basis how she is developing and sometimes offer helpful suggestions to overcome the trials of childhood. Her grandparents live in Ohio and the live web cam allows them access to see there granddaughter grow up into a beautiful young girl. Thank you to Mr. Bimal and his wonderful staff!
J. Collins - FL
Outstanding staff and owner
We just moved to Wesley Chapel and have two daughters. In our search, we wanted teachers who would give us a daily report, instead of a random teacher just saying that she had a great day. We get the run down each day with details into our daughter`s day. The other daycare we attended had an idiotic rule of putting the kids outside even if its freezing outside (even for 2 year olds). Here, they don`t have such a rule and more importantly, if we don`t want our kids to go outside, they make sure that it gets done. We wanted an extra feeding, it was done right away! They never give me excuses or reasons for not meeting my demands (I got that from a few days cares). Mr. Bimal and his staff have been outstanding even for the most demanding of parents. Most importantly of all, my daughter has night terrors when she does not get enough sleep. Since, she`s gone to this daycare, the night terrors have completely stopped. She sleeps at least 2 hours a day at the daycare. I highly recommend Mr. Bimal and his outstanding staff. I`ve never seen an owner so involved with our satisfaction.
Stephen L - FL
Our kids love Kids R Kids!
As parents, my wife and I couldn’t be happier with the care and attention that our children receive from Kids R Kids. The staff here is absolutely wonderful and they really take the time to provide extra special attention to your child’s every need. Furthermore, they show great interest in your child as a person, from the very things that make them to unique to hearing of your stories about their vacations and weekend plans. In fact, every single employee involved in the success of Kids R Kids, from the teachers (whom my son loves and adores more than his own parents at this point ) to Directors to kitchen staff, is extremely polite and accommodating to parents as well. Simply put, Kids R Kids far exceeds the expectations I had as a parent and I couldn’t be happier that my two boys are happy learning with them each day. Not a day goes by that I’m not impressed with what my younger son has learned at Kids R Kids, from all his ABCs, to counting to 100, to months of the year, days of the week, to very detailed children’s songs, he is already very well prepped for kindergarten thanks to Kids R Kids.
John Ford - FL
I love Kids R Kids!
We made the transition to Kids R Kids in August 2010. I was worried to move my daughter from a local daycare that she had been in since she was 18 months old. She is in the after school program at Kids R Kids and LOVES it. She has even forgotten the name of her old daycare! I wish I would have switched her sooner. The staff is AMAZING and you never see anyone without a smile. Thank you Kids R Kids!
Karra L - FL
Worry Free!
Worry is something that a parent will always do but I can say that my worry is a minimal knowing that my son is at Kids R Kids. I love the staff, the food choices, the curriculum and the enviroment as a whole. The fact that I am able to view my child at anytime live on-line is a huge plus. My son is very well taken care when I can`t do it myself and for that I am extremely greatful for Kids R Kids.
R. Vilar - FL
My children are excelling
My wife and I were looking for a daycare that not only looks after children but educates them the best way possibe. We wer looking for a place that had a wonderful environment, caring and loving people, and an awesome facility. I have to say kidsrkids have exceeded our expectations and my children enjoy going to school everyday. The bonus is to be able to watch your children on line. That`s awesome!!!
S.St.Fleur - FL
Potty Trained in 5 months!
My son started with KRK July 2010 (his birthday is in December). We had not started potty training as yet. Within the first month we were encouraged to start and everything we did at home was reinforced at school. By the time he turned 3 in December, he was only wearing pull-ups at night! We went from diapers to night time pull-ups in 5 months!! KRK has been wonderful!
Anoopa Jaikaran Dhalu - FL
Positive enviroment
Our experience here has been excellent since we started. The Staff is always happy and friendly each morning. The Boyette facility is very positive and provides a quality learning environment for our family. We enjoy hearing about the events and projects our kids have been involved in. They also have good systems in place if you need to be contacted during the day. The cameras throughout the center make me feel connected to my boys, and I love that.
J. Hill - FL
Wants to go on days off!
Our son has been enrolled in the afterschool program since August 2010. He loves the fun and active playtime, especially after being in school all day. He likes it so much, he even wants to go on his days off. Sometimes he wants to stay and play longer. He says "just a few more minutes". It is wonderful that they help with homework,(nice) it really gives us a jump start every evening. We have also done "drop in days" this is days that you need full daycare. They are always willing to try to accomodate your schedule. Mr. Bimal seems he is always there with a friendly Hello & Goodbye. I have to say all of the staff is very friendly. We have to say a special thank you to Ms. Heather, whom my son really enjoys-Great Job. I would definitively recommend Kidsrkids.
L.Smith - FL
Myson and daughter feels at home
I and my family are very fortunate to receive the love, friendliness,high quality teaching my kids received from the school staff and all the teachers.what amazes me is how they all adore my son who is an old student.They still follow up with his progress in his new school.the staff keeping inviting his to come and visit,which he enjoys so much.The school programme serves my needs as a busy mom.The early and late ours,hot meals the whole environment for play are awesome.will choose the school anytime for my family.
Diana K. - FL
Worry free child care
As new parents, my wife and I were worried about leaving our daughter for the day while we work. Kids R Kids has alleviated that worry by providing a great learning environment along with secure child care. We are very impressed with the exceptional staff and their dedication and passion for ensuring our daughter`s safety and happiness. The live web cam feed is important to us becuase it lets us see her when we miss her.
R. Meade - FL
Enjoy Going to School
The environment is great for learning. The staff is amazing with the kids. peace of mind with the view-in cameras. The hours of operation is great for me. And most of all my son is learning.
Lubin Joseph - FL
My son is so happy!!!
I made the transition from home daycare to Kids R Kids and I could not have made a better decision. Everytime I pick him up he has the biggest smile on his face. Every staff member I have encountered has been more than kind. The video system they have makes my day. I check in on him several times a day because I miss him and everytime I do he is interacting and engaging with the staff members. I am so pleased with every aspect of Kids are Kids in Wesley Chapel.
Jennifer Capriola - FL
Great staff
As a mother of a young energetic, impulsive boy I appreciate the time and patience that the staff has shown WITH LOVE to my son to guide him in making good decisions. They have a wonderful staff who treat the children with dignity and respect.
Cheryl R - FL
My daughter is thriving!
As a parent, you want what is best for your children. After having my daughter in a private school as an infant until the age of 2, I was unimpressed with the curriculum and the room at which she would be going to at 2. As such, I decided to try Kids R Kids in Wesley Chapel. She started in July, 2010, and I am so pleased with the curriculum. The rooms are very large, clean and geared towards young minds. The staff is so wonderful and attentive to all the children and I love being able to watch her online at any given time and secure in knowing my daughter is in a safe, clean environment. It is wonderful to see the art projects my daughter comes home with along with a daily report of what she did during the day from breakfast to naps to pickup. I am truly glad that I made the switch as she is learning so much more than I believe she would have where she was.
D. Flanigan - FL
Wonderful Change.
My son attended an in-home daycare from the age of 1 to 4. I changed to Kids R Kids in Wesley Chapel a few weeks after they opened and my son has been there ever since. I love the staff who although having a larger group than the in-home we had come from still are able to give the same amout of attention to each child.
T. Patterson - FL
My Daughter wants to be the 1st to arrive and the last to leave!!!
Kid R Kids on Boyette Road,helped my Daughter grow into a very energetic&social child. The teachers and staff are very patient and nurturing in handling my daughters day to day needs.
M. Delaney - FL
More than just a school. . a family.
It was not until some recent family tragedy that I realized how true this was about Kids r Kids. Not only is the owner and staff well qualified but so kind. They were so concerned about my son and helped with cards, collections, and thoughts during our time of need. With this powerful example I know my son will not only get a great education but will be truly cared for. This gives me peace and helps to ease my pain. I am so thankful for kids r kids and am glad that I found this great place!!! I would recommend them to everyone.
Angel Smith - FL
A+ Staff
My daughter who is in VPK and my 2-yr. old son both attend Kids R Kids Boyette and they absolutely love it! At first, I was a little apprehensive about a large franchised daycare because of a bad past experience with another chain daycare. My children had been at another smaller daycare for about a year when Kids R Kids opened in my neighborhood. My husband and I decided to give it a try and we couldn`t be happier! All the staff, from the owner to the teachers, chef, office and support staff are friendly, knowledgeable, attentive, caring, and FUN! They greet the parents by name and make an effort to truly get to know the unique needs of each child. I also love the fact that the center is super clean, my kids say the food is tasty, each class has their own age-appropriate playground, I can stream live webcam video of my kids anytime I want, and the VPK teachers send home a "Family Connection" curriculum guide weekly! What more could I ask for??!! Day by day, I see my kids growing academically and socially, and I know that I could not have chose a better school for them. A big thanks to Mr. Bimal and the entire Kids R Kids staff!
Chantel - FL
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